Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Runaway Maid!

Habis posting habis now its posting emotional! Pembantu rumah lari..! 

The very same week we came back from Paris, our maid ranaway on that weekend! Saturday 26 October 2013. 

It is believed that she followed her husband which is said to have come to Malaysia recently to work construction. This is how she looks like. Police report dah lodge and I am hunting her down to send her back. Why? Cause dia honeymoon sini dengan husband dia on my expenses! We paid a very large amount of money for her to work and she's somewhere with the husband on that expense. Mind the language cause this poster is intended to scare her off, will be distributed at most known Indonesian areas (seriously!). 

So if anyone sees her or by chance is intending to hire her, drop me an email at iszkandardzul@yahoo.com.my or just comment here. 

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