Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Langkawi with MDV

Berjalan je!

We were in Langkawi the other day for MDV’s Company Trip. Despite the absence of a maid that we try not to think of, we made our way to join this preplanned trip and it was worth it (I guess).

Terlalu manja dengan cuaca sejuk bila bercuti (poyo belaka!), we literally struggled with the heat. We made our way on to start the trip on Friday 15 Nov at 0600hrs to KLIA! Kena berkumpul there at 0645hrs. Check in, breakfast and 2 hours later we’re on board MAS’ flight to Langkawi. As we arrived we were brought around the ‘town’ center before making a quick stop at Billion to window (yeah right) shop. We had lunch at a seafood restaurant before heading back to the hotel.

Checking in was a zippy! It was quick and easy just as we wanted. We were tired so were the kids. Yeahlah, have to become domestic helper without maid around, definitely tiring!

That night we were feast with a themed dinner, it was pirates night! Cool huh? But not everyone was dressed for the party, we weren’t but Faleeq was.. Unfortunate for everyone, it rained. So the dinner @ the poolside had to be moved to the coffee house.. It was a loss.. It would’ve been a wonderful dinner should it didn’t rain.. Faleeq got consolation prize for his costume.. yeyy!!

Our SECOND DAY was filled with snorkeling activity. We took a ferry chartered for the whole group to Papar Island which was totally natural all around. The coral was out of this world, waaaaaaay better than the ones in KK! The colorful fishes made me wanted to just float and watch them. Faleeq was reluctant to go down into the waters at first, it took him sometime but after few pushes, shouts and encouragements he was in.. We can literally feed the fishes out of our hands! By the end of the day, we made our way back to the hotel simple and plain tired.. A dinner at the coffee house closed the day before we turn in..

THIRD DAY was filled with shopping galore! The day started at noon where we went swimming at the pool after breakfast. Started the ‘tour’ to Haji Ismail Group (HIG) that now have their own shopping mall… Seriously! But personally I’d rather shop at Kuah for its choices. Here you have HIG grand outlet and nothing else except for some not-so-interesting outlets. Today we had lunch at this wonderful seafood restaurant by the beach which was really good.. I guess everyone was still tired from the snorkeling so most of us just stayed in the bus and slept (including me!).. Went in HIG Mall then out back to the bus for a shut eye.. We were sent back to the hotel at around 5pm where Faleeq went for a splash at the pool.. Mind you, the infinity pool is so huge and beautiful that I decided to go for a splash myself.. Dinner was at Chenang Beach where we strolled along the Chenang Beach drive that has lotsa outlets for you to shop.. They even have a Chenang Mall that didn’t really interest us..

We had to bid Langkawi farewell on Monday.. After breakfast we headed to the airport around 1000hrs for a 1225hrs flight to KLIA.. Tired but quite happy, we went home to where the heart is.. 

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