Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aur Revoir Paris

Yes.. after a wonderful 5-day in Paris we had to bid her goodbye..

Our flight was at 1150hrs from CDG to KLIA. So we took off from the hotel via cab to CDG after breakfast. The cab journey cost us €50 which was quite reasonable.

As we arrived (NOTE THIS FOR FUTURE TRAVELLERS), we immediately went to make our tax clearance. VAT is refundable at their tax counter and we managed to get refund around €300 from all the shopping we did. NO its not a fixed amount of refund, the percentage would vary from one outlet to another.

VAT refund took us almost 1 hour to clear and the check-in took another hour. Then we had to rush (literally) for customs check and once we’re in the terminal it was a matter of time for us to board the plane. What we didn’t know is that the security clearance to board the flight took us so long! I had to take off my belt and shoes and had to take out everything from our hand luggage for them to allow us to board.

By the time we were cleared, it was a mere 20 minutes before take-off time. And that’s not early! That is considered late! So take note of the long security que and checks and be there very early so you don’t rush..

Throughout the journey on board, Fareez behaved himself. Alhamdulillah. He slept most of the time and Faleeq seems to be able to manage his tiredness well. DON’T ASK FOR KID’S MEAL coz its sucks! Get an adult meal for your kids if you’re flying MAS like we did. 

We arrived in KLIA around 0600hrs which was earlier than we thought. And Faleeq still have jetlag after a week arriving in KL. He still wakes up at 0400hrs wide awake for school while the parents just doze off securing precious sleep time. And yes, we went to work immediately the next day.

This is how the kids looked all dressed up in warm clothings - 

Paris – we will be back. You’ve always been wonderful and welcoming. 

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