Monday, November 4, 2013

Paris - I am in love

Our trip to Paris began on 16 October 2013, from KLIA at 2350 hrs via a magnificent Hercules A380. A 13 hours trip to Charles de Gaulle we arrived at 0700 hrs local time..

Expected the weather to be cold, we had our winter clothing with us tapi tak sangka it was that cold. A whooping 8c when we arrived! Sampai CDG kami terus ambil Metro to our hotel to check in.

After checking in, tanpa melengahkan masa we immediately took the train to Champ Elysees, the ever famous shopping stretch.. the whole street is full of branded outlets and shopping galore! First day was tiring enough for us.. 13 hours flight then takde rest kami terus berjalan-jalan.. But before that we went to the top of Paris @ Montmartre.. Dari sana view was magnificent and wonderful!


Anak-anak seems to be excited especially Faleeq.. We had to buy Fareez a thicker jacket coz the one we brought wasn’t thick enough for the weather.. It was gusty and breezy all the time.. temperature was between 8c – 16c the whole time..  

2nd day kami ke Disneyland Paris.. this one bukan je anak-anak yang excited, but the adults as well especially me.. The last time jejakkan kaki ke Disneyland Paris was in 1996 and since then I look forward to come back here again.. one thing yang menghampakan is that, we only spent one day there.. we should have opt to stay longer or at least a couple of days should be more satisfying..

3rd and 4th day was our siteseeing time.. Took the ever famous hop-on hop-off Paris for these 2 days period and even took the cruise down Seine River.. it was breathtaking! Always loved Paris... We started the day with a trip up Eiffel Tower top deck and the scenery was marvellous! We made a few stops at shops to see what is there in store @ Paris.. We were told that some brands are ridiculously cheap there and surprisingly it was true.. So as usual Elliz bought herself a LV handbag that is almost RM1k cheaper compared to Malaysian price.

All in all it was great experience and definitely we’ll go there again..
Not that soon but definitely will.. 

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