Monday, November 4, 2013

Maid Missing

I was intending to post some updates since my last update was years ago.. However, in spite of the latest mishap our family faced, i choose to update that instead.

This is actually a chronology of what had happened..

Our maid asked us to transfer some money to her hometown untuk hari raya haji.. nak beli lembu katanya..
So mcm biasa TT will be done via CIMBClicks and normally a day or two akan lepas..

Then we went for our holiday in Paris as scheduled.. this I will update on the trip later..
After we got back, perkara pertama yang dia bgtau Elliz is TT tu tak lepas ke kg.. and coincidently, CIMB emailed wife saying that account no yang kami furnished tu salah..
And during our stay in Paris, maid requested to meet her husband who had recently masuk Malaysia and worked here as a buruh kasar..

So without thinking of anything bad, we contacted CIMB and furnished them with the correct account no..
And TT tu lepas to Indo dalam dua hari lepas updates..

Jumaat lepas (1 November 2013) we went for a late night movie Thor @ Paradigm Mall. Balik pun dah agak lewat as we went for a after-movie drink. It was myself, Elliz and Faleeq.. Melayan ‘abg long’ tgk superhero favourite dia.. Our little baby Fareez tinggal di rumah with the maid..

We came home at around 4am and the maid was sleeping with Fareez inside our room.. he was already asleep when we left the house, so tanak ganggu dia tido we asked the maid to accompany him in our room.. Bila balik the maid was sleeping and so was Fareez..

Nak dijadikan cerita.. Aircond bilik leaking and water was all over the place! The maid punya sengal she didn’t even notice this.. as this was a repeat a/c problem, I knew what to do.. so I took the vacuum and vacuum la outlet pipe yang alirkan air keluar tu.. and asked the maid untuk lap air yang dah melimpah tu.. she took a pail and a towel to complete the task..

At this point I didn’t notice anything weird about her.. we stayed for Subuh and woke up around 9 that morning..
Elliz found she’s nowhere to be found! Barang-barang dia semua lesap.. gate depan opened and she threw the housekeys inside the house..
She was bold enough to take the passport out of Elliz’s handbag that was hanging inside our room..

To think of it, kalau lah TT to Indo tu lepas before we went to Paris.. I am sure masa jumpa husband time di Paris tu dia sure akan lesap!
And to think that she did not have any complaints neither did us, so we were quite surprise by her fleeing..
But regardless la apa org cakap that the husband persuaded her to flee, to me they are equally assholes!

This is a photo of her and her passport and the heading of the police report that I have lodged..
If anyone sees her please inform the nearest police station or call/sms me at 0132986160..
I don’t intend to take her back, I just want to send her back..
If she has bad intention then its her loss.. to me I bring you in and spend duit byk-byk is for her to work for us..
Kalau dia nak ambil kesempatan or the husband to be together by our expenses, then she’s wrong!
Kalau nak bersama you fork out your own money and spend to come here, bukan di bawah kos aku..!

Gambar, passport & police report of her runaway

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