Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Day in Paris

First day @ Paris – our arrival @ CDG was around 7am. As a smoke, first thing I looked for is the exit for me ‘expand’ my lungs after a long 13 hours flight. When we stepped out, the first thing I noticed is the ‘smoke’ from my mouth.. it was 5ºc and it was already freezing! We had a quick smoke before getting off to the RER station.

We bought ourselves a Paris Visite Pass that costs us €57.75 for each adult which we can use for 5 days (highly recommended)! It covers ALL public transport i.e. Metro, RER and busses which was our maid mode of transportation.

A trip to the hotel took us 45 minutes or so. After train hopping through 3 stations we arrived @ le Manhattan Hotel around 9am +. It was great to know that we were able to have an early check-in. Maybe it was because of our baby we were given ‘face’..
We rested for a while before heading to Paris Center at 1pm.. Nope! We didn’t sleep.. for me I just slept on the way on the plane..

We hopped on the Metro and headed to Montmartre, an elevated view of Paris. Its on of the grand chapel that they have in Paris and the view is just magnifique! We stopped by at TATI to shop for kids’ clothing then went to Champ Ellysees to window shop (before the actual shopping!). The best part is walking up from the underground Metro where Arc de Triomphe is the first thing we see! OMG! I just love it.. we walked around Champ Ellysees where the ladies went crazy seeing a three storeys Louis Vuitton.. so the guys had coffee while waiting for the ladies to pamper themselves with leather and CAME OUT EMPTY HANDED! Hahaha

Our day ended with a Malaysian maggi dinner at the hotel before turning ourselves in. 

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