Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Second Day in Paris

The second day is on Disneyland.. Too bad we woke up not too early that day. We entered Disneyland around 12noon, so we missed 2 hours of fun! Trip to Disneyland was via RER, we had to take the Metro to the Charles de Gaulle Etoile and from there its RER to Marne-le-Vallee Chessy.

Disney was havoc! Why? Because we wanted to try everything, wanted to ride everything! So most of the time we would just run about but with ref to the map I guess we covered everything (most of it). The entry to the park was really secured; they go through your bags in search of weapons. But my group was saying its food that their looking for, but I don’t agree with them. Although we entered the park only at noon, it was actually perfect timing. As we walked in, the street fest was about to start. Decorated cars and Disney characters walked the street dancing and singing. The kids were enthusiast seeing this! We were there the whole day! And only got back at the hotel around 10pm. We actually wanted to go around for more of Paris, but the kids were already tired.

Disney at night 
If you intend to go and worry about halal food then don’t, there is this one outlet that sells kebab and they have halal food there (so they claimed, jangan was-was!). So have a blast, Disneyland Paris brings out the child in you! 

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