Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fifth Day of Paris

Our FIFTH day in Paris was filled with shopping galore!

We made our way to la Vallee Village via RER from Paris Central. The RER station to look out for is Val d’Europe from Charles de Gaulle Etoile. La Vallee Village actually has its own shopping complex however the known premium outlet is an outdoor stretch of various brands shops.

Some of the names that caught our time were Kickers, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, MK and Ferragamo. We didn’t buy much, only a couple pairs of tees for the kids and Coach sunglasses for Elliz. We also bought a few Longchamp handbags that were requested by friends..

From there on we made another shopping stop at Galleries la Fayette so that MIL would feel satisfied with her own shopping. Us? We just browsed and wait..


That’s all folks! Yes! Nothing much to say as I don’t feel shopping as a priority in our trip. We didn't even take much photos.   

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