Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fourth Day @ Paris

FOURTH DAY – another day of HOHO. FYI we bought 2 days 2 nights worth of HOHO which includes a night water tour via the ever famous Seine River.

We took off from the hotel via Metro to Trocadero where the Palaise de Chaillot is located. From there the Eiffel Tower is almost a grasp away. It’s a straight flat view of Eiffel where I am thinking most movies are filmed. This is where you can pose yourself with the Eiffel as if it is standing right besides you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go!

We continued our second day of HOHO and this time without the rushing. And this time we stopped at the Musee de Louvre where the infamous Monalisa portrait is displayed. But NO we did not go in to view. As usual we enjoyed the view and snapped a few (dozens!) photos with the Louvre Pyramide. FYI this is where Apple’s first outlet was opened.. YES! It is here.. From there on its continuation of the HOHO route before we headed back to Eiffel Tower for our night Seine cruise.

Before heading off to Eiffel for our cruise, we managed to squeeze a stop @ Galleries la Fayette BUT UNFORTUNATELY EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays! Blurgh! Should have read about this when I browsed through the info of Paris.. So we went to HRC Paris instead to buy a few tees before making our move. It was raining and we had to run like hell to the nearest Metro station i.e. Saint Lazare.

Eiffel is just wonderful at night! They have lights display every few minutes where it is shun with colorful lights making it just breathless. Faleeq till now says that he misses the Eiffel and would like to go again. Even Elliz’s nephew said the same thing. I just don’t understand why people would prefer to shop rather than enjoy the view. I mean, that’s the purpose of being in Paris anyways.

Personally if you intend to take the night cruise, do if BEFORE you go on the HOHO. Or you will end up like me, bored to death. Its merely because you will see basically the same thing that you saw via HOHO only at a more limited angle. Via HOHO the view is more satisfactory and fulfilling. So TAKE THE CRUISE THEN HOHO.. take my advice..

As we walk from the RER station towards Eiffel, I saw the hotel that we stayed back in 1996. It was then Hotel Eiffel but not sure what its called now. Paris has always been wonderful to me.. 

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