Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Nikmat' Berpuasa

Bila puasa ni we can obviously see changes in ourselves..
We're more slow and sluggish.. We talk less and try to see less as well! (tidur le)..
But have we thought that what we're doing is because its the best for us while we're fasting?
Maksudnya, we talk less sbb dikatakan lebih baik dari mengawal percakapan di bulan Romadhon..
Tapi is it? Or sebab we're too tired to talk? erk....!?!
Tired to do anything actually, tu yang jadi slow and sluggish tu..

Bila puasa, perkara yang dibuat semua berganda.. Yeke?
Contoh bila angkat wudhu' - berkumuh dari 3 kali tiba² jadi 4 -5 kali..! LOL..
And this is repeated to most of our anggota wudhu'..

Jgn la marah kwn².. sbb this is a reminder to me as well..
You know, bulan puasa ni I am definitely talking lesser.. Coz I'm too tired to join in but most of the time topic nya tak menarik terutamanya di bulan mulia ni..
I try to walk faster and firmer rather than going slow and groggy all the time..
But this pair of eyes on my face wouldn't stay open! Argh...! I can even fall asleep while reading something...! erk?!?

But most of the time, people would just forget that orang lain pun turut berpuasa..
Don't you think so? IT IS actually sbb it's a must for us Muslim to fast in the month of Romadhon..
Walaupun diriwayatkan dan malah Rasul SAW telah bersabda bahawa syaiton iblis serta jin dirantai sepanjang bulan ni.. But still we act like they tempt us to misbehave.. Don't you think?

Let me take you here..
Drive nak balik, kejar masa nak pegi bazaar (i hate referring to it as PARAM - WTH!) and then make it in time to buka atas meja sambil dengar azan on tv or radio..
but u got stuck in traffic and time is really jealous (mencemburui) of you..!
Then, up ahead you see PDRM manning the traffic and coz of that you're staying put and not moving..
Erk! You're not the only one stuck! You're not the only one rushing home!
But most of all, you're sitting there in the car dlm aircond sambil duduk while the cop manning traffic is standing there tengah panas muka berdebu to make sure that everyone goes through that junction..
And think, that while you're at home eating all your food from bazaar or homemade, that cop is still there berbuka dengan air kotak and sanwic shj.. oi! Dah boleh fikir?

Another one, follow me here..
You go out berbuka di luar kat restoran or even hotel (mengarut bayar mahal² untuk buka)..
Then towards nak berbuka time, you rushed the waiter or even the chef at the open kitchen for something without even thinking that they too need to buka..
Did you know that they buka with a glass of water at least and will eat once the crowd has slow down.
Kita dah kenyang baru dorg dapat makan - in short!
But still you chase them if their late, you stare them if they ignore you and WE even raise our voices with them.. Aduuuuuuhhh..

So, think twice before doing something bulan puasa ni..
Sbb orang lain semua puasa..
Note to myself - i need to control my temper.. I get shortfuse when i'm hungry..! LOL

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