Monday, October 15, 2012

For bad or worse

Wow.. I feel like I'm in a chapel..

Anyway.. Life has been hard on me lately.. Been conned by a friend of few ten-thousands and having it hard to make ends meet.. It was hard enough to find those thousands let alone making it payable to those I owe..

But I'm lucky to have a family that has my back. Even how bad it is they're always there whenever you need them. They're always loyal to listen to your issues and trying their very best to help you in any way they can possible. It's like pinching left leg the right leg would feel it (cubit peha kiri peha kanan terasa)!

Anyhow I don't wanna go into details of how my mishap happened. Only that it sucks to trust people too much and hoping that things would work out. But qada and qadar really slap me in the face in this one. I feel alone although I have people around me that care, I was vulnerable and most of all I as really weak. I cried most of the time when I prayed coz He is the only one who'd listen. I have Him on my mind most of the time to give me strength and calmness.

It was great to know family helped as they could. Even if they can't afford it they would be there to comfort me.. But I believe that moral support is more important in this issue compared to others. Yes the financial part was hard on me but it was eating me alive and slowly. I was really no where. I can't think I can't focus and I can't even manage my tasks.. Nobody was hard on me for trusting that 'friend' of mine and nobody was critical of me for what has happened. That's what really helped.

You don't expect people to go through shit in life alone!
You don't know how they feel coz they'd never portrait what is actually they're feeling!
You're not in their shoes so you won't know what to expect!
A smile on the face is never the storm in their head or mind.. And shit happens to anyone so you can't blame them for every single thing that has happened..
And I believe most of all - nobody ever wants to be in this kind of mess deliberately!

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