Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guide to Sentosa Island

I got feedback bout my Sentosa post, requesting my advice or guide on how to spend time efficiently there.. 

Well, the Island is divided into 4 corners, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, Imbiah Lookout and Resort World. 

Details of each corner: 
Palawan - for those who loves nature coz there's the Eco Park and other nature thingy. You got also the most southern part of the republic with a man made mini island with viewing tower where you can lots of ships cruising across the see. 
Siloso - this is where the Underwater World is located. Make sure that you ask for the time of the dolphin or sealion show. So that you can estimate the time you wanna go in. Also, the Fort Siloso is also located there where you can view the history of Singapore in terms of the WW carnages. 
Imbiah Lookout - this is where most attractions are. The Merlion, Tiger Tower, Butterfly Park and other rides and shows available for you to enjoy. The good thing about this part of the island is that there are packages available for you to choose and enjoy at a reasonable price. 
Resort World - Universal Studio is the main attraction for people to come here. Aside from that, most major hotels i.e. Hard Rock, M Hotel are located here. And also, most food corner or outlets are also here for you to enjoy. 

So, there you are.. Again, my advice stay there to enjoy more. If you can't afford the hotels on the island, browse for nearby hotels. Public transport is a breeze.. 

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