Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A quick shoutout to the followings:
  • Congrats to Anil & Jaja for their 2nd baby boy.. Yet to be named 
  • Congrats to Zack Kamal & Mas for their 3rd baby girl... 
  • Congrats to DSM for his marvelous wedding 
  • Condolences to all the families for their lost in the great accident that happened in Alor Gajah 
Everything happened with a cause.. Takdir dan ketentuan Ilahi jangan la ditolak, redha dan bersabar dengan apa yang telah dikurniakanNya.. 

2 quickies:

eeqbalz said...

Yeah, sad affair about the accident.

But being M'sians, we are masters of talk shows and kesiannnyaaa etc etc without much 'kesedaran' of how fragile and short life is.

I dont really think Melayu mudah lupa. I think we are purposely being forgetful for want of fanciful dreams without lifting a finger.

Melayu Sengaja Lupa

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

The thing about Malaysian is that we are the least focused group of people, maybe in the world. We say so many things at one time, one too many actually and then we forget them..!

To name a few; Mona Fendi, Susilawati, Aminurasyid, Altantuya, everything blown out of proportion then cricket sounds came into frame.. duh!!!