Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Weather Got to Him

A day after we came back from Sentosa, we hanged out at Johor at my parents place.. He was all well, had a slight fever but told him to run his sweat off outside with his cousins.. Then he's all better.. 

But when it came to Monday, he had very high fever.. Tried few remedies but he didn't seem to get well. So on Tuesday, i went to bring him to the specialist and he was warded for high fever and slight asthma.. Poor little hero.. Apparently there was quite a large quantity of phlegm in his lung that limited his ability to breath freely. He was given medicines, took nebulizer and even rest well at the hospital. 

But as a dad, i am really proud of Faleeq. He was all strong, didn't bother bout his drip on his hand and took his medication well (eventhough we had to wrestle him down 1st).. He was later discharged from ward on Thursday after days of medication, nebulizer and rest... Now, he's up and running again.. Few days after he was discharged he was weak and got tired easily. Doc gave him inhaler for him to use regularly on a trial basis, and will evaluate his condition this coming follow up. Only then he can decide whether he'll be on the inhaler for good or he can stop using it. I hope its not a permanent thing coz i really miss my feisty and active son.. 

A day after we came back from Sentosa

2 days after we came back from Sentosa

Him all well now...

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