Thursday, October 14, 2010


Masa utk emosi..

  • Aku ingat aku dah cukup kenal seseorang tapi rupanya aku silap 
  • Khabar angin dan cakap kosong lebih berisi sebenarnya dari fakta dan bukti kukuh; no wonder tabloids can sell 
  • Jangan kejar teknologi sbb nanti kau boleh jatuh muflis 
  • Lantak orang nak ckp apa pasal aku sbb aku tak mintak duit orang... tapi kenapa korang mcm tu ya? 
  • Kawan sebenar or true friends ialah mereka yang akan jadi orang pertama yang call or tanya ko kalau dia tau sesuatu pasal ko.. 
  • Kawan topeng ialah mereka yang terakhir tanya ko tapi yang pertama bagitahu orang lain kalau dia dapat gosip pasal diri ko.. 
  • Jangan puaskan diri orang lain sebelum ko sendiri tak puas hati.. sbb orang TAKKAN berpuas hati dengan apa yang dia ada, walaupun dia ada banyak
  • Famili adalah benda yang paling utama dalam hidup seseorang walaupun mereka yang paling banyak habiskan duit or masa ko.. 
Now you know why i write in English, sbb dlm otak aku ni sume nye English.. Well u know me.. LOL!

5 quickies:

didi said...

*Note to readers: I am condemning myself when I say this: My written Malay is also bad compared to my English. I always feel I express better in English. I cannot find the right words to describe how I feel in Malay.

Adakah itu snobbish? Tidak.
It just means saya tidak berapa pandai tulis dalam bahasa Malaysia.

I agree on your definition of true friends. They're the 1 who slap your face if they see you turn into an ugly person (not physically).

Thats why I dont really have much friends, even from school. I'd rather have a small knit of friends whom I can trust my life with than a great circle of friends who are only there for the fun and has motives in every good deed they do.

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

yeah.. its like standing ovation for that sharifah girl when she said she sound silly when speaking in Malay. I think, English is more expressive. You can say alot and it won't sound silly or taken out of context. But when all that put into Malay, it'll be lesser meaningful or better still means something else..!

Way to go girl..! Friends are simply like cheese, the older they are the better they taste.. So, hang on to those knit..

didi said...

You sound gay when say 'Way to go girl!'
Not borderline. Just gay :p

eeqbalz said...

hey hey hey well said didi... aku pon macham itu juga di kala alam persekolahan sahingga sekarang...

Anyway slonk Isz... sup man? Dun tell me is dat olde 'story' from some previous life is cropping up again thanks to slimy people's mouths?

Anyway, Bahasa Melayu is great and unique at the same time. Lamentably, most Bahasa Melayu books out there use almost lifeless Bahasa Melayu that simply murders the soul.

What's more, most are written about garbage (seks, duit cepat dapat, seks[!])if not about some archaic knowledge on the great age of computers (read monochrome PC monitors).

Worse still these books are direct translations of various English text books of some forgotten era (e.g. Permainan komputer boleh juga menggunakan kayu ria (OMG it actually refer to JOYSTICK!!!).

Don't get me start on 'tim' (team) or 'fi' (fee) or templat (template)... TOLONGLAH!

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Tried tanya khabar with some old friends, but cold reception la.. Maybe the rubbish mouth had gotten to them/he/she. So, i dun wanna think much bout it..

Didi,hey i dun sound gay at all yea.. I just have more taste in lady stuff and the slang you girls use.. Haha seswai gitu!