Thursday, October 21, 2010

Banyak benda nak cerita ni.. From local to international news update that i really want to talk about.. 

Let's start with the international one, Man Utd in particular.. 
There's hot speculation (not really speculating) that our Mr Rooney is leaving Old Trafford for a better chance at trophies. I guess Man Utd isn't doing so well as i thought.. Knowing Sir Alex well through the years, its sorta norm for him to wrestle with his best players after they're worn out or even juggling with internal problems. To name a few, we had Stam who was one of the best defenders on the planet, then Mr David Posh, who's very much had a blast over his years in MU, then out went people like Alan Smith, Ruud and even Roy Keane.. All these are players that have contributed more than anybody else would ever will. 

Then, lately after Rooney had his internal drizzle with Colleen, also his lately injuries to the ankle, he's been kinda down and didn't play that much.. And yesterday, after Alex's video interview, he want out and said that MU's future is in the shakers. And he wants something certain especially about the future of the club.. You know, after CR7 left the club few years back, MU had a difficult time adapting to the fact that we don't have a winger that can run or penetrate like CR7 does. But the years has passed and now we have people like Nani, Valencia and even good old Giggs to wing out the forwards. Now, with Rooney opting to leave the club, i guess we can survive with Chicarito current form, Berba's latest development and Mechada's youth spirit. Also, i guess we can also rely on Nani and Park to further support the frontline. Personally, i would like to see Rooney stay but if he insist on going please leave UK turf and play else where.. I just can't watch him play against MU constantly in BPL.. It really gets to me, similarly if i watch Tevez playing for Man City.. 

Anyway, to cut it short. If possible let's have him play for MU and Rooney, please consider to stay.. But if everyone's insist on parting ways, please do it the best way possible. 


Local news: 

NOTE: ME NOT A RACIST - its just things i do for my race, to see them succeed.. 

The annual meetings of AMENO is happening as we speak. I had the chance to catch the telecast of the interview last evening on telly.. Also, had the chance to checkout the highlights of the meeting from time to time on the telly.. I guess, there is alot to do aside from what was mentioned in the meeting.. The current line of administrators and frontline are strong enough to do the job but the matter of fact they lack communication. Also, they lack of focus.. 

I'm not going to write up a joke or anything, but fact to ponder by them. To be frank, being born and raised in Johor and being pure Johorean, i guess i'm brought up to embrace AMENO.. But the fact that some of the people inside them is screwing it inside out, is not something i am fond of. These few groups of people are turning the club ugly in the eye of Malaysian. 

You see, they have hardcore believers like me and me granny.. But most of them are kampung people or old people (not me!) that's been following them since post-war time.. Unlike our youths nowadays, they prefer to see new changes and not having to study nor understood the past changes that was done.. So, i think you guys (thousands of you over there) brainstorm at how to attract the youngs to support you... Start with their lifestyle and begin to accept them.. Get them active in things you do and not just pick up few volunteers you found.. Actual people doing actual things! 

I dunno what else to say.. We got the supremacist doing all they can over there.. They might talk nonsense in a way, but somewhere in that crowd and stuff, things are being done accordingly.. Please do, i don't wanna have some other smuck running everything and watch it crumble down.. 

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