Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bila Dah Tua

Hari Raya has been the day that we've all been looking forward to... Especially the new clothes and stuff.. But when you get old, you look forward to Hari Raya for different reasons.. 

  • Raya is more to a gathering of family and friends, this is where the excitement is!
  • Watching your kids all dressed up for Hari Raya and playing with his cousins etc 
  • Meeting family or friends that you rarely meet, catching up is fun... 
  • Getting nice comments like comel anak ko or even getting duit raya for them is excitingly great
Most of all, its the look and smile on our parents face when they know we're there during Raya. This really send some feelings down the spine. And when they look at our kids with a proud and thankful look, you know everything will be alright. 

Salam Aidil Fitri in advance... 

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