Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mak Bapak Tak Sekolah

Dunno whether the kid is still alive or not.. but he was found at Shah Alam recently.. I believe that he is still alive when they found him.. The baby is so cute and yet some people can be so inhumane to do such thing...

It has been an alarming fact that baby dumping has increased by the numbers lately. And it is more alarming that this babies are believed to be bumiput*ra.. Apa la punya manusia bikin ini mcm, tada hati perut...! They started at suraus or mosques, then they downgraded to bushes, under bridges and even dumpsters.. Now, roadsides? I pity this people.. They're worse than animals..

You got my full agreement to have these basterds to be punished as murderers... They deserve it...!

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