Thursday, September 2, 2010


After moving homes, i have taken DIY differently. Most of the things at home, are done by myself. Its not those major things or renos, but simply the small ones that require immediate attention.

  • Water pump - it is measured by the hp (horse power) and bar, a double story house with 3 toilets should need a MINIMUM of 4 bar water pump. Remember, this is no car or grandprix. So take it easy on the power cause it will damage your pipings in the house
  • Drilling - i borrowed Anil's power drill for immediate and easy repairs and installation. Put up photo frames (lots of it), CCTV cameras and racks. Oh yes! Also the drapes and curtains. It felt good when it all went in place 
  • Gardening - No,i dun have a lawn that can accommodate a pond. But i do have enough for Faleeq to run around. Considering the limited space, i'm planning for a multiple stage flower vase rack to be put at the porch. Nice? Lets wait and see how the thing would come later 
  • Wiring / Electrical - put up a fan in the maid's room, but found out that the cables were messed up. So, tried to do rewiring and ended up with a huge spark. Nearly got myself fried in the process. Anyway, the fan is up and the wiring is still in progress. 
Is there anything else missing? Coz my KPI is to get the whole house done by Raya time.. Yes, i do have my personal KPIs.. It keeps me on track..!

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