Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Told You Its Do-able

PS3 is finally jailbroken

The 'unhackable' Sony's PS3 is claimed to have been jailbroken after nearly four years since the console was first released in Japan in Nov, 2006.

An Australian seller of videogame modchips claimed the home video game console had been jailbroken by a hack that allows users to run backup and pirated games. posted videos on YouTubethat purportedly showing a fully current version of the console that is broken using a simple USB dongle - PS Jailbreak.

In the video, the narrator puts a disc copy of a game into the PS3's drive and then activates its backup manager.

"I know there's been a lot of fake videos on the internet about PS modchips but this is the most proof you're ever going to get and if you still don't believe it, then just don't buy it," said the narrator in one of the videos.

The dongle is sold at AUS$170 (RM477) each.

Today, over 38 million PS3s have been sold worldwide.

Sony, in respond, said it could detect the use of PS Jailbreak USB dongle if the device is connected to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

It said the company would be able to detect the dongle and ban the users' machines from accessing PSN.

Microsoft has already used such a trick to ban modified Xbox 360 consoles from Xbox Live., however, said the dongle's own firmware would undate the device, allowing it to be revised should a future Sony update block it.

To watch the video, click here.
Source: Agencies

Published Aug 24 2010

Source: Daily Chilli

So, lets go and get one...!! This is definitely good news...!

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