Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Salam Kemerdekaan

Its been 53 years since Independence.. And we're yet to be fully independence of anything..
  • Malaysian no more stand in respect of Negaraku
  • We call ourselves Malaysian but we failed to acknowledge our co-citizens
  • We look forward to 31st August for the fireworks
  • We completely brush off the people who celebrated the heroes that brought us here today
  • We failed to acknowledge the importance of unity and togetherness
  • We always looked for failure and short comings but we failed to see the development
  • We complaint all the time but we don't do our best to change what we don't like (talk is cheap so are pointless actions)
  • We call people racists and deny that we're one, but we don't ignore people who make racist remarks and we don't even try to convince them otherwise
  • Have more ownership to this country rather than ownership to one state or party
I love this country and so should you. This is my Malaysia, this is my home and this is where we all belongs. So, make yourself counted (not for banci) for and cherish it, start with yourself and let others know that. Bring a little sense of ownership to Malaysia, coz it'll go a long way...

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