Monday, April 12, 2010

Open Letter To Sir Alex Ferguson

Dear SAF,
I would like to express my great honor to be a fan of such prestegious football club and having you as its manager. I had a great 15 years honor to support and cheer for the club ups and downs. But, this year i really can't take it anymore and decided to write to you openly in this blog of mine.

Your purchases of world class players have never been doubt. It may have its shortfalls but you manage to turn the game or season around with your wonderful vast experience. Last season we lost CR7 to Real Madrid and to tell you the truth, i wasn't worried at all. We manage to overcome that loss with the shinings of Nani and Valencia to name a few.

You grabbed Berbatov from Spurs to pair him with Rooney when Ole wasn't fit enough to play. Then you took Michael Owen without paying a single penny for his experience though he was injury prone. And Rooney was always available to show his great form in every match he played.

But sadly, Michael was done with a long term injury, again! Luckily to me, we didn't pay anything for him. But having Berba in the team is such a sore sight for us, the fans. He's not the same player that played with great flair when he was with Spurs. He does not finish, he barely dribble all the way to the goal and he misses easy headers and shots! And for a player with that much experience, i hate to say that you did a massive mistake getting him to Old Trafford. An open opinion from me is that you need to let Berba and Diouf go at the end of the season.

Diouf in the other hand, is afraid to be like Bellion. A dull spark that won't shine when we need it to. Mecheda is the only young forward that i see have the potential to play and do well in the team.

We have more than enough providers or suppliers in the team. Park is maturing really well with team, Nani is improving in his game and attitude, Valencia almost in the like of CR7 and Gibson is playing well if you let him play more. These are the few names aside from Fletcher, Carrick and Hargrieves that are feeders to them strickers and forwards.

I can't say more about the team unless i really adore the way Man Utd players perform in every game. And i'd like it very much if BPL title slipped under our nose if we played well. But with the way we are playing right now, its such a sadden thing to watch.


3 quickies:

Lady said...

Finally, there's a fan who manage to put how we feel into words~

cayalah bro!

p.s. sabtu kedah kalah, aku sedey, ahad MU seri, haih.. double sedeyh la wiken ni~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

sebenarnya tak terluah dgn kata².. but their dumbness is easily commented, however SAF's miscalculation is simply unacceptable.

Playing Scholes, Giggs with Berba is absolute trash..! Just keep these dogs in the bench until the end of the season...

Lady said...

lagi sakit hati bila tengok neville main~ ouh tidakkk.... lemau!