Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A Shame

They played well to get the 3-0 lead.. Then Rafael got that unneseccary 2nd yellow and SAF decided to pull Rooney out due to an injury which later sub Gibson for Ber-batok.. Then all came down..

Great goal by Nani and Gibson.. Then Bayern got their break just before the half time.. Soon when the 2nd half started, Rafael was sent off 10 minutes into the half.. WTF?!?! For a silly pull? Damn you ref!!! Then MU came tumbling down.. Robben scored a great 2nd with a nicely put volley which he was given ample time and space to pasang his kuda-kuda.. Nobody noticed him until its too late..!

I woke up a bit late this morning. Faleeq was down with flu and cough, the phlegm was making him sleepless. Slept at 1230 and woke up at 315.. And we're ahead 3-0..

Well, what to do.. Takde rezeki la gamak nya..

The only thing i know is, our youngsters are playing well now.. So SAF, stop starting your 11 with Scholes, Giggs and Neville.. Let Nani, Park, Valenci, Gibson, Da Silva twins play.. Their just awesome!! And please get rid of Berba, we have enough playmaker in the team.. We need goal scorer to pair with Rooney..

Please do us one favor guys.. Win the BPL...! Please...!

Photo source: ManUtd

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