Thursday, October 8, 2009

Membebel Lak

Pejam celik pejam celik dah Khamis.. Hari ni aku nak membebel panjang sikit.. Bleh?

Time flies so fast now.. without realizing its already Thursday.. I had to check the calendar to make sure it was really Thursday..

Faleeq was down with fever 2 days ago.. but lucky for us he was as feisty as ever.. It worries us if he’s down and flat all weak.. We took him to the doctor’s and as soon as he’s in the car he was cheery and happy. I guess all that raya visits and travelling makes him bored staying at home.. We then went to IOI Mall to grab a bite at Subway.. Been a while since our last sub, and faleeq was enjoying his outdoor so much that he went into healthy mode immediately. But the fever was back the other day just for a while, now he’s all up and running.

With all the fever and diseases going about, u can’t be too careful when it comes to ur loved ones. Uda at home is busy with his final exams that scheduled to finish this week. Budak ni kalau takde exam takde makna nye nak duduk rumah.. Reminds me of myself when I was studying.. Yeah.. House is just a place to have a piece of mind.. Friends would flock my place to group study and we do it normally within the twelfth hours.. And it paid up.. We’d stayed up till morning and have breakfast all of us before heading to the exam hall..

I remember one time, it was principal of accounting paper.. Final year exam.. I had mental block and cried after stepping out of the exam hall. Yeah.. Laugh it out guys.. but that was what happened.. the questions was so easy but I failed to complete all within the required time.. Dunno why, but I simply can’t.. Macam ada benda yang menarik bahan dalam kepala otak aku ni dari keluar kat pen yg ada kat tangan aku.. Soon, when the result was out I pass the paper.. Cukup makan je pass.. Tu pun habis Mr Siva (if I got the name correctly) aku bodek.. kemas bilik la, bawak barang la.. I even brought him breakfast one time.. Yeah, the things u do to get ur marks..

I dunno why, but I get along well with my lecturers.. ramai yg cakap aku ni kaki bodek.. yela, dok melahu kat bilik lecturer etc.. A simple sms would get my as* outa class faster than u can say is, nak makan mana..? I remembered this English lecturer.. Cant remember her name though but she normally ask me for advice on how to conduct the class and how to have the tests etc.. She’s migrated to the states after marrying a fellow lecturer.. there was this time she said she wanna have a test on a Saturday.. Then after a long nite out, a bunch of us including me was too beat up to go to that test.. So, i just sms her saying that we'd not be coming.. Know what? The test was cancelled.. She just had a normal class that day.. Budak² punya bengang dgn aku.. Yela, dorg dah study gile tapi aku sms je terus tak jadi test.. hahaha

Then there was this Principal of Economics lecturer.. She has a petrol kiosk in Shah Alam.. Frens call her my sugar mummy.. Coz nobody but me can get along with her.. She’s the type that goes awak siapa nak tanya saya kat mana if fellow students ask her where she is.. But not with me.. I was the only student invited to her kiosk launching back in the good old days..

Yeah, those were the days.. I remembered my dean told us during our final year.. He said, dun go and work for the government coz we dun train u for that.. Explore the market and expand our economics.. And here I am today… What to do, its faith… But time flies and things change..

Yeah, banyak yg dah lain sejak aku tinggalkan dunia tu.. I stopped enjoying nite life when I was doing my BBA.. Dunno why but I just can’t take all the noise in clubs, I hate crowds and I simply can’t tolerate other people sweats when u try to walk across the dance floor.. Eww.. Peluh org wei, mcm2 penyakit ko bleh dapat.. Then I get bad headaches if I had a long nite out.. So, nite outs had to be cut short.. Even if I go to bed late, I’d wake up latest by 8am.. It’s a mental alarm clock that I have in this box u call brain.. Tapi bila ngantuk menyerang aku pun tidur la balik.. But that’s seem almost impossible with Faleeq around.. he’d poke me in the face, plays with my eyes and would even pick my nose.. There’s this time where he tried to put something in my mouth.. he like to feed us u see, even his Barney and Kungfu Panda too..

This weekend we have bunch of open houses.. Ibu Azah’s in Rawang, Aiza in Shah Alam and a few others awaiting for confirmation.. Mcm penat je minggu ni.. Tak larat aku kalau nak ikutkan.. But for the spirit of festive celebration, I’d make myself and family go…

Skrg ni kepala otak aku tengah serabut… Thinking bout our house purchase, my newly appointed vendors and tenders.. Kawan-kawan yg ada lubang sila la bantu yea… Nanti aku belanja Mushroom Swiss Double BK.. Amacam??!

Note to self: Isz, minggu ni takde match BPL dowh!! Damn it!!

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