Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laksamana DO RE MI

Buluh Runcing Satu!!

What is it bout buluh runcing all of a sudden..? If u dun read the papers, like a few hundred thousands other Malaysian then u sure abit loss bout this topic.. Today it is said to be the day that Malaysia get attacked by our fellow Indonesian.. Huh? Attack? Loe mau serangin gwe?? Berani loe!!

I dunno bout u guys but this is the only thing that cross my mind when u mention buluh runcing is Jason King...! hahaha

Recently they were befallen by a major earthquake that shock a big part of their country, sebelum tu dia kena hentam sama tsunami.. .And what did rakan serumpun Malaysia did? We sent help.. According to a close fren of mine, a number of student from Padang volunteered to saty back and help out.. Even after they lost most of their belongings..

Tapi dorg ni tak serik².. From one thing to another, they claim almost everything that walks this earth.. A big celebration was in order for them after batik was announced as their native heritage.. Huh? Ok fine.. Then its the dance thing.. I think (coz i dun read much, thats why i think more) this is the reason that the whole i own this thing started..

An advertisement to promote Malaysia, made by someone not from Malaysia that has a dance that Malaysia perform is labeled as stealing?! Malingsia they call us.. Huh? Maling loe panggilin gwe...? Yeah yeah, the dance comes from ur country but dun coz of one drop nila u spoil the whole bucket of milk.. Damn u guys..! We helped each other alot..

I hate the idea of them calling us robbers or maling..

Guess why most of u guys get caught of here in this country?? Maling...!

And dun get me started with ur SBY... Great election campaign dear sir.. A real and flawless copy of Obama's if u asked me..

What next? Mee bandung? Sirap bandung? Kek or kain batik?

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