Thursday, October 8, 2009

BP Johor

Us in the car on the way to BP

Been trying like forever to post an update here but gile dowh dorg blok...

Alot has happened since the last weekend.. We went to Johor on Sunday (serius penat!) as Remy my bro in law merisik his future wife.. So we drove all the way from KL to Batu Pahat around 10am and reached there around 1+..

Seriusly i miss the whole kampung environment.. Now its all blocks and concrete.. Pokok pisang, kelapa sawit, cows with its droppings in the middle of the road really is mesmerizing.. After the BP trip, we stopped by Melaka to pay Mok Long a visit.. We arrived home at around 11+ and didn't waste any time to sleep..

Faleeq & Ibu posing before going off to BP

Credit to Amir Helmi, i found this photo of mine on the net.. Check me out with the songkok and adidas shirt..
I think the photos were taken way back in 1990s.. How time flies by so fast.. The minute u realize that, most things has happened and its too late to make it up..

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