Friday, October 9, 2009

Suicidal Driver

Seminggu ni aku mengadap org mcm ni tiap² hari... Pemandu berani mati..

Sorry ladies, i just have to post this.. Stress tau tak, stress hari² jumpa dorg ni..!

Where'd the pump go??

OTW to work today, there's this accident immediately after FAMA's exit to Putrajaya.. A lady driver just wrecked her car by smashing into the divider.. Corner baring dowh, sampai tak ingat dunia nak slow down.. Aku pun reti nak slow kat corner tu.. Keyword -Selekoh blind spot..

So, after that accident i passed by my head kept on playing back all the encounters i had throughout the week.. Playing loops in my head.. The whole week, i met with lady drivers that drive really crap.. I meet new ones everyday.. Nice huh?

U dun need to be a rocket scientist to know the rule of thumb when u wanna go into a corner or junction.. Move ur finger onto that stick device on the right or left side of ur steering wheel and then a light will flash indicating that ur moving towards a certain part of the road. And dun expect people to give way to u so that u can get into that junction far from the other side of the road.. Gile dowh, ko nak masuk simpang dari belah sana then nak himpit² aku.. Last² minit lak tu... Maybe i can serve myself with rendang and serunding after u himpit me.. keyword - ketupat

Then there's this mobile freak that drives really fast while on the phone making a call or sms-ing.. My reaction to this type of drivers, play with my breaks.. Menggelupur ko nak control kereta.. Duhh!!! Hey ladies!! (mcm lagu lak!) if u can't handle the wheels, dun do magic and try to do two things at once.. Then ada niat nak menonjol (tailgate) aku lak.. pergh! the hearts the have while driving.. keyword - motorcycle lane

I see and meet this freaks everyday this week.. And dun let get me started with the women motorcyclists.. Punya la perlahan then tengah² dunia ko bawak motor, a long que is behind u u road hog! Its like queuing for a ramadhan buffet or better, a JJ or SOGO membership sale.. Damn! I hate those two..! keyword - OKU

Notice that i stressed out the keywords to help u guys (or gals) drive better and help other drivers to drive with a piece of mind? Anyway, dun try them at home.. U got professional freaks doing it and they get paid!!

Note: Isz, tak semua lady drivers mcm tu dowh! Say sorry!!
Isz: Sorry lady drivers

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