Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Comes

Hey.. Been really down lately.. So beat up that i can sleep while driving.. Dangerous huh?

So, wanna wish u all Happy 52nd Independence Day (ID52)! There's alot to be said about this particular day.. Especially how people look at what is actually being independent? Elliz & I went out for early sahur ID52 eve.. Went to OTWC in Sunway with Anil & Jaja, but the traffic was horrible.. Know why? People were parking on the road side expecting fireworks that nite. But as announced by the govt, no no to fireworks this year.. Puasa la wei, hormat lah sket! The traffic was so lousy that we decided to go to Pelita SS15 instead.. Nice, calm, not so many people.. But no wifi!! WTH!?!?

I can say bout ID52 here in the heart of my beloved country is.. Our mind and soul are still being invaded.. By who? By those people (local and foreign) that want us to believe that we are enslave by certain group of people. And by this state of mind, comes action of violence and improper conduct.. That definitely have affected others life or their cause of income or even maybe how their kids and grandchildren or even great great great etc would think or act in the future..I just hope that they would wake up and realize that what they are doing is not going to make things better.. Being blinded by half the truth is one thing but being lied to with half a lie is another.. There's still lots more time to stop and think before too much damage is done.. Everyone may not be perfect, even those people who asked u to do this & that, or told u about this & that, they are not perfect too...

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