Friday, August 28, 2009


the other day Wan & Tasha had Danish's 1st bday party.. Yup among the 4 of them, Danish, Faleeq, Alia & Aqeef (in order), Danish is the oldest.. Not really though coz their all born in the same year, except for Aqeef..

So we made our way to Curve's TGIF after maghrib and had dinner there.. It was cool coz it was the 1st kid bday for mummy daddy club and since then everyone is excited bout having their kids celebration. the funny thing bout celebrating this bday at this TGI? Most of the waiters are foreigner B (get what i mean?), so after the bday song they have this normal medley of songs that they'd sing and made the thing all happening.. But with most of them are foreigner B, so it came out sorta bangra song thingy.. We all looked at each other amuzed, amazed and puzzled.. Puzzle coz we can't really catch what they were singing!! haha

Enjoy the photo i took after the celebration.. Sorry no photos inside..

Mummy daddy getting kids to concentrate at the camera.. Possible?

Check out Faleeq, most feisty of them all.. Tak reti dok diam!!

So, any ideas what to do for Faleeq's bday? Actually its 2 in 1 coz elliz's falls 2 days before his.. Last year no celebration, just dinner.. 2 years ago a suprise party with her frens from work and uni days.. This year? No idea yet.. FYI, their bday falls during Hari Raya.. Belated celebration maybe?

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