Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great One

Who cares if they win by an own-goal..? At least its a win.. Be it a goal by the ref or other match officials, or even the crowd.. I dun care, as long as its a win..

Rooney was up playing forward alone with Giggs on his back while Nani & Fletcher take the side flank.. But it was obvious that Giggs was awkward in that position and he might as well give that position to Fletcher.. Berba & Owen was left out on the bench, not sure why but i guess because Berba is still learning new stuff (quoting MU's website) and Owen.. I dunno what to say bout him!

The Gunners were ahead after a marvelous goal by Arshavin.. His screamer from outside the box was simply too strong for Foster. But the goalie made a wonderful left leg save that turned the match around. MU then got a penalty after a half tackle by Almunia.. Rooney scored from the spot while the 2nd goal was scored by the Gunner's defence and the scoreline stayed until the end whistle.

The best part was seeing Wegner being sent off from the sideline after kicking a bottle. His frustration shows when Gunner's equalizer was brushed off by the official with an offside ruling. Berba then had a great chance in the last minute of the game but as usual he was not up to par.. How embarrassing!! Get ur game straight u lousy piece of lazy shack!!

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