Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perginya Seorang Ibu

Innalillah wa inna lillahi roji'oon..

At 1245pm, 28 August 2009 she left all of us forever.. A loving mother and a devoted wife, she pass with brain bleeding and stroke.. She was 65 yo..

I got i brief sms from my ibu "ibu dah nazak, doctor dah buka life support".. My reply was, "saya datang skrg!".. As i entered the room, people was crying and ayah came to me, hugged my and said "ibu dah takde long, ayah tinggal sorg"... It was the saddest thing that somebody could say to me.. I looked at my ibu and abah, and i cried with ayah.. Till this moment, i can still hear her calling my name..

That Friday morning, as the children was talking to her.. She opened her eyes looking around, as if she wanted to see if everyone was there.. Yes, they were there.. Every second since she was admitted to Hospital S after going into coma.. CT Scan shows that she had brain hemorrhage and blood was covering most of the brain..

After Friday prayers, she was brought to Taman Cheras Jaya's mosque to be bathe, prayed and buried in Batu 10 cemetery after Asar prayers.. It was sad to see such sad faces coz all the family members were known for their perkiness (is there such word).. But after today, i am gonna look at them differently.. Coz they have lost their mother..

It is a saddening thing, to loose someone especially ur mother during fasting month.. Its sad enuf to see it on the news.. But having to see this with my own eyes was really something.. Seeing her lifeless on that bed, surrounded by her family.. Yes, she's no more with us.. Allah has sent His angel to take her away from us..

"Surely Allah takes what is His, and what He gives is His, and to all things He has appointed a time...so have patience and be rewarded." [Bukhari] - Dhikr & Patience are the most befitting Remedy

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Adni Ariff said...

innalillah huwainaillahirajiun. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat. Be strong. take care.

Lady said...

Innalillah~ semoga roh ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman.. isz, sabar ye..kuatkan hati.

swit@kon said...

takziah. semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang solehah. amin.


zyrin said...

takziah, Is. moga roh arwah ditempatkan dikalangan mereka yang beriman.


Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Thanks guys...

Nasib beraya di JB, kalau KL nak menjenguk pun tak sampai hati.. but they are strong people, that can pull it thru...

thanks again!

encikReza said...

semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang solehah.