Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Week Has Passed

Its been almost 2 weeks of Ramadhan now.. Time flies so fast.. Next week would be the last week at the office before the Raya break.. Then off i go to a new place with a new beginning..

Have u guys noticed.. Each time Ramadhan says hi, time would pass by fast, the weather would be cloudy and it would rain most of the time.. Blessing i say.. So that His followers would not suffer too much and would fast calmly..

Alot has happened during this Ramadhan.. News wise, cow head incident, DUN session in a hotel, Kartika cheap promo and Malaysia tourism turn sour.. While work related, we welcome Wan Noorakmar into our Division from Ampang and we will have a new boss soon.. Oh ya.. Boy next door's love affair.. i guess thats news too!! Family? Aside from Ibu's passing, Faleeq can now walk on his own.. And may i add, none stop!!! He wun stop.. Even when bedtime comes, he'd still want one last round around the room before shut eye..

But everything that has happened so far happened for a reason.. Dunno bout the boy next door but the rest of the happenings sure have a chain of event that awaiting to pop...!

Lately i have been having this short blackouts quite often.. i mean, i would just go into hybernate mode for 3-5 seconds then everything turn back on.. Hope that it's just the fatigue of Ramadhan getting to me..

In 2 weeks u think there's enuf time to shop for raya?

Faleeq has gotten most of his raya clothings and his baju melayu is due this weekend.. Can't wait to see him in those.. This year's themes would be apple green and blue.. Elliz is asking for a tudung, anak tudung and tailor charge.. I wanted to buy something for the maid but keep on thinking that she doesn't deserve it..

Me? What do i get for myself...? I sure need a new pair of shoes.. But with a size 12 i dun think i have much choice.. 1st destination, mark & spencer.. memang confirm ada!! Then the rest would be browse and browse till i find the right one..

I have been food hunting alot lately.. Since the 1st day of Ramadhan i still haven't find that one food that'll indulge all my taste buds.. Last nite i made nasi ambang for the family.. Not a totally complete one, but its enuf to fulfill one needs at that moment.. Thanks to my boss, the 1st think i wanted to do when i got in the car was to shop for groceries.. hahah Thanks kak.. At last i get my nasi ambang..!

Been browsing for western food and found Tony Roma, Boston Grill and TGIF very tempting.. Local wise been wanted to try Brisik in Jaya One, Tasik Indah in Shah Alam or D'Cengkih in TTDI.. haaa one simple explaination would be NAFSU...

At least i wanna try one of those before Raya.. Hey.. as if i can't have them AFTER raya...?

p/s: guys, still waiting for that bday idea for wifey & Faleeq..

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