Monday, September 14, 2009


Huh? Ini pun kao mao blok kah??

After a while trying to login blogger, obviously i failed.. thats why i haven't update anything in this journal of mine.. Life hasn't been very easy for the whole family lately..

Planning to shift house before Hari Raya Qurban, but something came in the way.. Earliest might be end of the year, Insyallah.. Got ourself a little, cosy and nice place in Kota Damansara..

Ibu's Laundry is facing some difficulties that we're rectifying immediately.. Got deadlines to meet, people to talk to and places to arrange..

Faleeq is getting more and more feisty.. But the bright side of that is he gets tired really easily.. and will just sit back and sleep..

Elliz is shorthanded at work as a colleague of hers is on maternity.. So she had to do all the work all by herself.. The wonder of tanggung kerja in govt that can't be found anywhere else..


We went for buka puasa in TGI IOI the other day.. at last one wish came thru..! Elliz, Faleeq, uda and me.. Too bad the service was abit slow, can't blame them though we came 15 minutes before breaking time.. But the food was magnificent..

Saturday we went to Uptown Danau Kota, just browsing like we usually do during raya.. the crowd is outstanding and people were like ants in those tiny tunnel.. We had our buka puasa at mak's and went to Uptown (why do they call it that?!) all 6 of us.. Left Faleeq with the maid at mak's and pick him up later..

Yesterday we had buka puasa in Kinrara Golf Club near our place.. With Remy and mak and all remy's friends.. Earlier yesterday we went to Jalan TAR coz Elliz wants to look for a tudung to go for her baju kurung raya.. All this while shopping and browsing i still haven't found my ideal shirt and jeans.. Picked up one in the curve the other day but wasn't exactly that i wanted..

I guess that's about it for today.. Gotta get lotsa work done for tomorrow's trip to Seremban.. Then Thursday is hoooooooliday before going back to JB.. Wanna give Danau another try before going back.. Maybe even other places..

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