Monday, September 14, 2009

Its Down To 10

3-1 MU vs Spurs..

What can i say about the game...? Best! Sbb MU won...

Too bad i only watched the rerun of the game coz was at Danau that nite.. Managed to have a quick glance of the score from a mamak shop while Elliz was browsing..

Goals by Giggs, Anderson and off course Rooney.. Giggs scored a neatly taken free kick to the top left corner of Spurs goal.. Cudicini didn't stand a chance at all!! MU was down a goal when this happened.. Before the break, we were dissapointed by the dismissal of Scholes for his 2nd yellow.. But that didn't affect us at all.. Anderson made a screaming shot from outside the box before he was subtituted.. Fergie saw the gap in Scholes' absent and decided to bring in Carrick.. His goal was all MU needed to start the 2nd half with.. Rooney then had the chance to score after dribbling thru 2 defenders before squeezing the ball thru Cudicini's legs.. Haha 2.50!!

It was a great game in all.. We're now in 2nd place after Chelsea that thrashed Burnley while ArsenGal narrow 2-1 win gave Wegner space to breathe.. After all, he is an old chap..! haha

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