Monday, September 7, 2009

What A Weekend..

How can u top a wonderful weekend with friends & family? U can't... U simply can't...

Started of the weekend by breaking fast with Elliz & Faleeq at Ria Ayam Penyet.. (i simply loooove ayam penyet) in Sunway.. Damn! it was good... Then we had a late drink with friends.. We had our sahur then went back home.. Faleeq was fast asleep then..

Later on Saturday we went out to Sunway Pyramid just window shopping.. Going about Pyramid looking at people doing their raya shoppings.. Its fun to see all these people running about like there's no tomorrow.. hehe later we had our breaking fast in Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant in pekeliling.. After that off to the only place u wun caught me dead in, SOGO.. Damn! I hate shopping there.. but MIL loves to.. So, with all the people.. There's not even any space for the stroller to go thru.. Or for Faleeq to test his new walking skill.. We went back home beat up and straight to bed. Faleeq was fast asleep soon as i started the engine..

On Sunday was our shopping day.. Went to the Curve and found quite a number of bargained stuff.. Bought the family clothes for their raya and meself something too.. We had dinner over in Thai Express before heading back home.. Faleeq was running about as Elliz was chosing what she wants.. And by breaking fast time, he was so tired that he slept thru dinner.. haha means, peace and quiet for us..

The 3days we went out really opened my eyes was the fact that we are truly 1Malaysia.. How Ramadhan and other festive season has brought us Malaysian together. Eating and shopping, rubbing shoulder and saying hi as our children bump or played together.. This Hokkaido place that we went last Saturday. Its actually a chinesse seafood joint (of course Halal) but the azan, malay song (even Raya) and people from all races and nationality come there to eat. Having to shop in Sogo and the Curve, i can see people from all races going about and even talking to strangers. Sellers and buyers comes from all level of income with different background, shout aloud to bargain what they want..

Doesn't that sound great..? Instead of bragging how great ur race is or how do we push the others away from u.. Its like old folks tale, telling off those haunted spirits to go away.. Telling them off "aku tak kacau ko, ko jangan kacau aku".. So...?

Next on buka puasa list:
  • Brisik in Jaya One
  • Tony Roma or Boston Grill or TGIF
  • A hotel buffet that is really satisfying

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