Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday The 13th

I was about to kick start work when i got a call from my maid that Faleeq is vomiting non-stop. He's been known to have asthma several months ago after he caught a bad cough.. So, without hesitation i went to the boss asking for early release. As soon as i got home, i can hear his cough and wheezing from him upstairs. I took him to the doctor immediately.. With all the pandemic going around one shouldn't waste time when it comes to ur young ones' health... At the clinic, he was treated with nebulizer and some medication. After meal, i gave him some more and he was showing signs of improvement. His phlegm was running down his nose and he cough a lot lesser..

He was weak and was running about his ownself.. Damn it i was worried..

He slept through the day like a baby after crying his lungs out when i gave him those medicines. He was not a big fans of medications u see.. At nite, he still have cough but the wheezing was beginning to fade.. Gud news for us.. And this morning he was okay.. I guess that was happens when ur kid has asthma.. Lucky for me, i have a slight one.. Just during my early secondary years that i fainted due to breathing problems..

But i left the office with lotsa things undone.. HP was constantly ringing with calls and sms-es.. We're due for a big meeting today and most things that're outa our control was left hanging.. People just done seem to understand and wanna understand how we do work.. They simply let things at the very end to tell us of any changes.. I dun work well with adhoc changes.. I HATE!!

I came in this morning as early as 7am.. before 7 actually. Just to finish up some things before the meeting. The meeting itself didn't went well coz *those* people that like to make big announcement during the last minute.. And even the vendor of our system did not do the thing that he's suppose or claimed to do yesterday. Lucky that i went through every single thing before handing stuff out to the meeting members. I tried to make it as perfect as possible. Its almost impossible u see coz it involves so many people..

When the meeting is over, i still dun feel at ease. Coz i dun think it went as well as i wanted it to be. And the boss seems abit annoyed that things resulted the way it did.. Time, people and space was in my way.. I hope that the whole thing that we prepared for next week went well. Insyallah..

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