Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Iskandar Faleeq

Its been a while since i updated Faleeq's progress in this blog. Well, he coming to his 11 months in 10 days time and he's progressing quite well. Now has 6 teeth and beginning baby steps.. Thats cool huh?

Anyway, this boy of mine is starting to dislike rice.. He'd spit it out each and everytime we fed him. So, last weekend we went out and bought macaroni for him with soups and bolognase sauce.. And... He loved it! Ngengada budak kecik ni!!

He wun sit down on his stroller or in his play pan. He'd climb out of the playpan and he'd cry his lungs out if he's bound to the stroller. He prefers walking (as if he can) while grabbing on to our hand. And he wun stop.. If we'd sit down, he'll grab our hand and start to walk about. He wun sleep unless his Barney is around and he will only sleep if he's allowed to walk around the room several laps.

When he's asleep, he dislike being covered with blanket. He'd roll around with his thumb in his mouth and will talk to himself before going properly to sleep. He hates wearing things on his head and he loves playing with water..

Alhamdulillah.. Hopefully he grows up to be a wonderful man.. A great leader and a faithful Muslim..

2 quickies:

Lady said...

get to know faleeq really makes me feel like wanna have one like him. he's soooo cute.. n smart too. especially when it comes to choose the food. hehe. Semoga sentiasa happy noo~

didi said...

ya ampun!!!