Monday, May 4, 2009


What a weekend....!

After a long 3 days weekend, we're back at the office today.. A long and agonising 6-hours drive from JB last nite was a total horror..! Faleeq slept thru half the trip, the other half? Spent climbing up his ibu and our maid.. 

We went back Thurs eve and arrived in JB at around 3am.. What time did we took of? 9pm!! A 6-hours drive...! Why? Coz we we're stuck in traffic at the Senai (U) exit for more than an hour.. Why were we stuck? coz of this... Seriously, the car was in ashes.. The other 2 cars that slammed into that SLK was also a wreck! Lucky for us, we were about 500m from the car when it happened.. And lucky again, Faleeq was sound asleep.. 

Then the next day (Friday) we had to wake up early and prepare for Faleeq's aqiqah.. Mom had her group over for Marhaban and Asma Ul Husna.. And we had (pre informed) the caterer to prepare the lamb in Kuzi with the rice baked inside it.. Yummy!! Kecur lak air liur aku sekali lagi.. That nite, we (Faleeq and I) slept like a horse.. Me, coz of the lamb.. I slept the whole 12 hours till the next morning. And Faleeq coz its already his bedtime.. 

We went out on Saturday to look for stuff and came back to a home cook dinner.. We actually planned to go to Kota Iskandar (No, not Iskandar Malaysia like they say).. But our chores had us running all over JB town with less time to spend there.. So, we missed the sight seeing.. Maybe next time!

So, yesterday we had lunch with the whole family and got in the car around 2.30pm. 6 hours later, we're here in KL.. Today, at the office.. 

Tiring, yes...! Fun, definitely...!
Missed my whole family over in JB.. 
Photos, coming soon later.. 

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