Monday, May 4, 2009

Berani Mati

Hey...! Cool...! 

I was browsing thru  today's paper when i came across this... At last, a really effective and immediate action taken by the authority.. They surrounded Dataran Merdeka and all these mat rempits and mat impak maksima have no where to go.. 

What amazed me the most, is they are willing to leave their bikes behind.. Motor curi maybe.. Over 100 bikes were seized in this operation. More similar action should be taken.. Check out Dataran Shah Alam or R&R Awan Besar.. They're all over the place..!

I seek the consideration of these authorities, take action fast and immediately.. Action that has long and acceptable impact.. 

Seize them.. Lock them up.. Surround them.. Chase them all over the place.. 

Do what u can, as long as we're safe on the road.. 

credit to Kosmo and Star online..

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eeqbalz said...


Luv the tagline "mat impak maksima"! Rolling on the floor laughing!

Yessiree as I've harping all these times, our Malay people are gud for nothing show offs with lousy financial planning, bad realisation of the future yet too fond on dreaming of greenish pasture minus the efforts.

Probably we got it covered for these idiots on the road. Maybe we shud concentrate giving proper taglines to the idiots in our office.

Take for example, the fat & ugly (inside & out) person who is a constant patron of the cafeteria or 'jualan' and religiously tots about reddish plastic bags of food & drinks wherever she / he go whilst flashing here & there blackberrish PDA cum handphone which this poor numbskull hasn't the slightest notion on how to use it.

Oh, watch out for this idiot's response when she/he gets the drift that government allowances would be cut by 2011 to cover the budget's deficits. We really need to create a tagline for this character quick!