Thursday, April 30, 2009

John Who'shea

John who? John who'shea? O'shea? 

Huh? He scored? TQ TQ TQ...! 

An unexpected hero scored during the semi-finals of the ECL.. MU won the game by 1-0 and the 2nd round of the game is next Wednesday.. Regardless of who scored, we won and with that single goal we have a slight upper hand over Arsengal next week. Lets hope that the team can square off well.. I was sound asleep last nite when the game played.. Wanted to watch it but forgot to set the alarm.. huhuhu 

Anyway, i watched the highlights this morning on Eurosports.. It was cool.. Several chances but no score, the screamer from CR7 really shook Gunner's posts.. Cool!! 

In the other match, Chelsea held Barca to a scoreless draw over in Nue Camp. Its gonna be a fresh match when they meet in the 2nd round next week.. 

Champions League final, here we come!!!


Ronaldo: Huh? He scored?? Yeyy!!

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