Monday, May 4, 2009

When I Was A Little Boy

Nice posts by Adni and Yantie... Really brings back the good old days.. 

Well, my childhood was filled with action figurines.. As any little boy would go thru.. As the eldest of 4, my toys were all newly bought.. I had the chance to enjoy what life of a little boy is supposed to be.. The brother after me was able to enjoy the exquisite collection as we were only 1 year apart compared to the younger one that has shifted to a more modern and advance toys..

Action figures were the main item on my self (cupboard) and toy box.. It was a great childhood.. Like what is happening now, almost everything shown on the telly have their own action figure.. Kids would rush down to the toy store to check out the latest toys to add to their collection. To name a few, i had Thundercats, Centurions, MASKS and silverhawks.. Not to mention Voltron, Transformers and matchbox mini cars.. They were my favourite at that time.. 

L-R: Centurions, MASK, Silverhawk & Thundercats

But the figurines wun last long in my hands.. As the saying "to my dispose", it was definitely disposable and had a very short life span. Hands would be torn off.. Parts went missing and heads switching between bodies.. haha typical and common boy thing.. 

But at younger age, we were taught to play traditional games like teng-teng, galah panjang, pondok² (yupp!! i played that then) and even getah (again! yes, i played those too).. Not forgetting all the marbles that were won and lost.. Soon after discovering the joy of having these figurines, it was bye bye traditional toys.. But, its those traditional games that really made us blend.. Nowadays, they have team building or even study camp.. But playing cakar ayam or even galah panjang while waiting for our transport to pick us up.. Made us new friends and even closer to the ones we have then.. 

Now, kids have PS 2 or PS 3 with DVDs to play with.. No more cartridges or huge console that would fill up the TV cabinet. We had Nintendo and during my time we had ATARI.. haha see, how old i am now.. 

So, thanks to Yantie for beginning such topic.. How bout the rest of u out there? Whats ur toy like during ur childhood? 

photos tribute to (cool site for an old bugger like me) 

3 quickies:

swit@kon said...

ok beb, THANKS A LOT sebab ko tunjuk game ATARI tu...aku tak penah tau pun. huhuhuhu :P

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...


Am i *THAT* old??

swit@kon said...

taklah tua, tapi serious aku tak penah tau pasal ATARI ni.. huhu