Friday, April 24, 2009

Friendship Award 2009

TQ Misz Norrul for such prestigious award.. I'd like to send out a simple thanks to my parenst for their fruitful upbringing, to my little family Elliz and Faleeq for being there all this while and to all my friends all over the world, u guys are the best...! Mcm menang Academy Award lak!!

So, i wanna award this title to my fellow friends all around: 
  • Ikhbal - for being the best pal always..
  • Aziz Laikar - Faleeq's godfather and a very close friend of the family
  • Zyrin - for being such a sporting and cute person 
  • Adni - bubbly but humble 
  • Fendiosman - thanks for the little guidance every now and then
  • Didi - enjoy reading ur posts
  • Yantie - thanks for the constant reminder how cute Faleeq is
  • Umph - for making me realize that i am a huge guy 
  • Lady - alamak! I missed out this lady's name.. sorry sis, know her better nowadays..
  • Fadli - a loyal partner that assisted me all this while
  • And everyone that do not own a blog TQ all!! 

2 quickies:

zyrin said...


baru perasan dpt award, bleh? hehehehe...

thank you, ye...

sporting??? cute??? OMG...

Anonymous said...


Seriously i didn't notice u gave out more awards these days. Walau pun lama tp aku tatap nak tolis di sini sebagei tanda ingatan tulos ikhlas dari guwe.

Aku kat opis lg nih! You wont believed what i have to finish today... KPI, SKT review based on org's strategic plans, sectoral policies and national policies, client charter performance review and much much more!

Sheesh! Thanks for the vote bronk! And sorry for the 2nd failed attendance of our pot-luck mamak dining affair with scrumptous nana!