Friday, April 24, 2009

Heads All Cleared

See that tooth? hehehe
Big boy posing for the camera

First of all TQ Zyrin for the concern over Faleeq.. FYI, he's all up and running now. Not actual running but he's all over the place.. I came home last evening only to find out that he just vomited a whole bottle of milk.. The maid was about to mop the floor when i walked in.. So, as any dad would do.. I started (what's the word for it?) belek my kid son.. He was really weak, as we would if we just vomited.. So, avoiding to be too worry.. i started talking to him, playing with him and tried to make him smile or laugh.. And it kinda worked.. Still he was weak.. 

We had earlier planned to go groceries shopping.. So i decided to bring Faleeq along.. So he'd get some fresh air. Elliz fed him while we're having our dinner.. And he started to show signs of live!! haha started to climb out of the stroller then wanted to grab things on the table.. I was so relief.. 

So, this morning as i was about to walk out of the room he said hi in his own way...! haha so today i am so glad.. drove this morning with my head all cleared up!! Alhamdulillah... I guess it is demam ambil upah.. He has his 1st tooth and its been bothering him quite some time now.. So, hopefully it'll be all good after this.. 


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Lady said...

WHoa...dah ada gigi this lil man..hurm..7 months dah ada gigi..cepat eh..:D

i think.