Monday, April 27, 2009

Slow Weekend

It was a slow weekend for us.. 

Went baby stuff shopping on Friday eve and had our favourite meal of all time, Subway Sandwich..! Damn they're good!! Nowadays, we prefer to do our window shopping and stuff over in IOI Mall coz of the convenience.. Its near to our house and their upgrading really is wonderful.. And Faleeq seems to like having his dinner here.. No, we dun feed him sandwiches.. But, we brought homemade food for him.. Its much healthier and cost effective.. But something was not right for the littler fella.. He was so quiet and behaving himself really well.. 

Then we saw the red spots all over his body and face.. At first we toughed it was rashes, as he had had it before.. But after seeing him in a state of weakness and silence, we brought him to the doctor.. And he has measles.. No wonder he was so quiet.. I think i took the right decision not to join Azahanim and the rest for PPTD Paintball challenge.. Its a hunch that i had that made me decided that i had to stay home.. We didn't go anywhere coz we were worried that it'd uncomfortable for him to be around crowds and people.. He'll definitely feel itchy and grouchy.. 

Look at the poor thing's face.. All red

The next day (yesterday) we went groceries shopping in a hyper mall in Puchong.. We brought Faleeq along coz he seems restless at home.. The a/c was on 24hours and still he was tossing and turning.. Maybe the itch was getting the best of him.. But, after all the whining and crying, he went to sleep for a record of 14 hours that nite.. The 1st time ever he did such a thing.. 

See, Calamine Lotion all over.. My sepet little hero


I had to post this..! I just had to!! It was the best game ever.. The last time i saw such a game was when Eric Cantona was with the team.. MU was behind 0-2 in the 1st half, then SAF brought in Tevez to support the forward line and i worked.. We won the game 5-2 after 90 minutes.. 2 goals each by Rooney and Ronaldo while Berbatov scored another to make it 5.. I have to say, its getting brighter and brighter by the day.. We're getting closer to be UK's champion yet again.. So let's wait and see how they square.. A few games left and definitely, they have to win each and every single one.. 

Local: Selangor won what? Against who? hehe i lost my interest towards local football since 2001, so sorry...!


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