Monday, March 16, 2009

What A Loss

My brother said: 

Should Man Utd win the BPL, its not becoz they're better than Liverpool..

Yupp! He said that immediately after the 1-4 trashing.. For the 1st time ever, i missed an important match.. Maybe that's why they lost (yeah! Right!?).. I was at OU with the familly and mumy daddy club..! Jaja was with us for the 1st after confignment.. Anyway, it was really heartbreaking to see them loose that way.. 

I sneak a peak every now and then to see the score. Last sneak was after CR7 scored the penalty, and tought, hey! this gonna be a great game! And didn't updated or been updated on the score since. And we ended up loosing 1-4 to Liverpool... So, at home.. I turned on the PC and searched for highlights.. I have to agree that Liverpool was a better team.. 

MU's last line was horrible.. Vidic gave them the chance to score after being red carded, Evra handed them the win with the penalty while O'shea.. Hmm read my last post on O'shea.. Damn! Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF), please do something about O'shea... Rafael is out with an injury and so is Neville.. So i guess SAF needs to bring in xtra defends in the next transfer window.

I dun see any prob with the forward lines. Bringing in Scholes, Giggs and Berbatov was definitely enuf to shake Liverpool's goal. But luck was not on our side. Earlier, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo and even Ji Sung was great together and again they failed to score. 

I dun see what's the big deal is.. The BPL crown is MU's for sure. And i dun think a big loss such as this one proof anything. And little brother, yes i dun show that MU is any better than Liverpool. But it definitely shows that MU is better than the whole BPL! Let me remind u that BPL is not about winning all the games, but its about winning the whole season. One big win against MU (or Madrid) isn't gonna make u the best. I guess walking with the crowd (not alone!) makes u loose sight of what the league is all about.. 

I dunno about the ECL, but BPL is a sure for MU for now.. I want us to win this so bad, coz i want SAF to sign Tevez for gud.. 30 milliion pounds is alot of money and SAF needs the BPL crown so that he cud have the funds to sign Tevez.. 

2 quickies:

ummphs.. said...

saya rase MU over confident
liverpool bile dah lead 2 - seems nothing cant stop them from moving forward.
liverpool wins doesn't mean they better than MU. :)

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

yupp!! definitely, one win doesn't mean anything..! so, lets just shutup, sit back and enjoy our win..! hahaha