Monday, March 16, 2009


We got home last Friday and Elliz told me that Ezany is having a bday get together for his kid, Haikal. So, we got there as soon as we can.. Everybody was there, almost actually. We had our dinner, a little celebration and went off.. Ernie (Zany's wife) is actually due for labor today. So, everyone was kinda on the edge of their seats waiting for that time to come. Its sorta a perfect timing u see, i mean expecting a baby after ur 1st kid celebrates his 1st bday..! Nice huh?

We were kinda amuzed with Arisah.. She was mambling who knows what while walking around the house.. She's coming to a year actually.. So cute and she likes to put her cheek and lips like that, as u can see from the photo.. While Ali el-Fareeq in the other hand, likes to jump on other kids and smack the hell outa them.. Mind me, but he needs some control. Lucky he didn't do the same to Faleeq or i'll have the best of him...! haha uncle ganaz lagi panaz..! 

Here's the bday boy, celebrating his 1st ever bday.. Happy birthday Haikal!! May god bless and may u have the best in growing up as a kid with the best in life.. Well.. After that long nite and a nice Saturday, Ernie finally gave birth to a baby boy.. They wanna name him Aiman Harriss.. But i insisted on Harriss Iskandar.. What do u think? hey! Iskandar is a nice name...! 

Faleeq was struck with slight asthma (lelah.. yeke asthma?) the other day.. And after skipping the a/c and constant force medicine taking.. He finally got well.. But not thoroughly, i mean he's getting better by the day. As u can see above, he was so weak and grouchy. But, later when he's ok and starting to climb up me (as if he can) we know that he's finally ok.. 

And while he's at it, he started a new cute thing to do.. Mambling like there's no tomorrow.. Even when we milk him, he'd still talking his kiddy language even with the teet in his mouth.. Alhamdulillah, phrase Allah that he's ok.. Lets hope that he'll stay that way for a long time. Been listening to parents outcry of infant's respiratory problem that makes me worry more.. 

3 quickies:

A f f e n d i O s m a n said...

anakmu yang jinak itu ada kesan2 penyakit bagaikan pakciknya ye?


nanti dah besaq ilang la kot...

kalau pakciknya yang ini waktu kecik tak dapat dikesan sakitnya itu...bila dah besaq baru la rasa...

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

huhuhu dia mcm bapanya tapi bapanya sangat la minor lelahnya..

tapi insyallah, by age dia ilang.. dia selalu mcm tu or the other way around like Fendiosman the uncle.. hehe

Lady said...

He's like so cute la faleeq ni...haih.. listening to ur story about the babies and stuff making me feel like wanna have one now~ hehe

Glad dat he's ok~