Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Thing

Me am now at home attending to Faleeq. Got a call from Elliz saying that the maid is constantly telling her that Faleeq has been coughing and vomiting like since we left home this morning. So, i decided that i need to get back home immediately..

Went to see a senior officer at the office asking/saying that i wanna go home. 1st thing i saw when i reach home was Faleeq was crying with his face all wet with muccus and phlegm. He's weezing and that's new.. So, without stalling i took him to our family doctor in Puchong. After checking him up, the doctor said that he has a mild asthma.. Or in malay they say lelah.. Is it the same thing? I dunno..! haha he has a slight burnt on his throat that if we adult have it will produce that ichy feeling at the back of our throat.

anyway, now i am here at home attending to the little one.. He's now asleep after a couple of hours tossing and turning. I guess the ichy sensasion makes it uncomfortable. After shoving all 6 syrup and in the end he cried himself to sleep..

Poor little thing.. We'd give my life to him, so that he wun feel sick at all.. We love him soo much!

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