Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Praying For His Best

i am writing while this otw to jb by dad is having a heart prob and is admitted to GH for checkup after a mild attack..i had the chance to talk to talk to the specialist who's treating him earlier.he told me that dad's heart is only functioning 20% of his normal rate. according to him, dad had a heart attack couple of months back that he didn't notice of. so that shook his heart into bad condition and not treating it makes it worse. adding salt to the wound, his kidney isn't functioning too. its either dialysis or transplant. well, that's something that'll not be immediately. i pray and pray that he's gonna be ok.

i have some unsettled business at the office that i have to handle. apologize to the boss, if i had the choice i'd prefer being at the office taking care of stuff. but this is something huge for me as dad never been as sick as this.. back to office notes; i called up a clerk of mine who lives nearby and passed her some work that needs urgent attention. that's the least i can do since i had to leave the office unplanned.

a meeting, report to submit and a paper to go thru. aside from the pile of applications that needs my signage and checking.. hope that everything goes well. u see, i like to attend to things until they're done once i start it.

while waiting for the bus earlier, something caught my eye. jpj officers are at standby there in shah alam checking driver and bus to see if its ok.. i guess thats a gud thing considering the fact my last bus trip was years ago.. lets just hope that this trip is gonna be fine..

i will update more on dad and doctor's report once i get to the meantime, pray with me for his well beings.. insyallah

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zulaikha mz said...

is, i'm hoping and praying hard that everything will be fine... insya allah..

f.a.t.g.i.r.l.s.l.i.m said...

Praying hard that ur dad will be fine..insyaallah..and u take care ok

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

thanks guys for the wishes...