Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PICC March 3rd, 2009

Its been a long day but was very satisfying.. We had our ceremony for Dee Pee Eh 2/07 diploma today and it was relieving.. Why? Coz its all over, now we can continue with our duties without ever worrying about anything.. Alhamdulillah, i am among the 300 over that received the diploma today.

Now, i am at home resting after siting the whole 2 days. My body felt like its gonna crumble and my back is waiting to explode.. Would like to send out a big congratulations to Ikhbal for his Pencapaian Cemerlang during the 6 months course.. And also congratulations to Ustaz Fairuz for his achievement in getting one of the awards given out today, which i can't remember which one he got. Anyhow, it was good to meet old faces again.. If i had the chance to go thru all those again, i would but minus yoU Dee Pea Ehh and all the red tapes which separated us all from our beloved family. Anyway, its a gud thing to have our batch mates within the organizers coz it makes updates easier and less complicated. And definitely gud to see that even though their within that "sacred " circle of people, they are still the same person that we met and knew a year ago. Unfortunately, some changed completely being this ignorant, arrogant and selfish individuals that totally loss his/her footings on the real world. I kinda heard that this is not the first, being among the "sacred"circle change people into some thing that me myself wouldn't want.. A little word of advice - those people u spat on and gaze so arrogantly will be your colleague in the future and might even be ur superior. They may be the ones that u might go to for help, so dun push ur luck... IN YOUR FACE SISTA!!

Frankly, i was kinda satisfied by the way that the ceremony goes. Even though, abah was not feeling well he made his way all the way from JB and sat with ibu in the hall.. They immediately left after i got my diploma.. Thank u guys, it really means alot.. The support and encouragement that u guys gave was amongst the reason i go on and do what i do.. Elliz was not there coz she had to work, she just got the new job i told u guys about and its hard for her to take leave.. Wish that she was there.. She's been thru alot for that 6 months period and this is the day she actually waited for.. And she missed it. Anyway, she was there in spirit and really have her to thank for the never ending patient and sacrifices that she made.. Thanks dear, really means alot. What i do now and then, was for a better future for our family.. Anyway, the ceremony started on a high note but kinda finished with a low one.. The way that they announced the winner of PM's award was kinda disappointing (i think).. Coz why? Coz we didn't get any.. Nobody, not a single soul..

The rehearsal was yesterday and we were there the whole day. Since 8 in the morning and finished at 6.. One thing i learned yesterday is, implementing new ways or method doesn't always bring gud.. U can always renew or give old ways/methods new breath and make it even better than any new ideas..

Congratulations to every one Batch Dee Pee Eh 2/07.. Although no one got that PM award, i think u guys (not all) deserve it.. Some of us might screw up doing crap things like those emails, fish assasination, finger songs and etc but we still have those with good quality and personality that i might think deserve to win that award.. To my gud frens Ikhbal, Riaz, Max, Jus etc congratulations. For fellow bloggers, Iron Lady, Didi, Yantie and Ikha.. It was gud to finally meet u guys after all those while.. Keep on blogging...! Hey.. we didn't had the chance to take photo together, of Dee Pee Eh 2/07 bloggers united.. haha 

An end note by me... All the best in everything u guys do.. And do it with pride, coz Batch Dee Pee Eh 2/07 are the best if u ask me...! I had my camera with me on the way there but decided to leave it in the car coz its kinda in the way of my movement.. So, the photos are kinda crappy and very low quality.. 

5 quickies:

zulaikha mz said...

is.. kite batch 2/2007 la bukan 2/2008.... 2/2008 tengah dpa lagi skang nih.. ahahahaha

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

hahaha silap la sis..

emo sangat, tu yg jadi tu.. hehe

TQ for the reminder, selamat ber-confirm

zyrin said...

tahniah dah convo!

Lady said...

Tahniah bro~ akhirnya kita konvo jugak..walopun banyak sangat kejian dan tomahan kat kita kan..hahah

anyway, penat-penat parents, family datang dari jao..akhirnya diberi makan lunch nasi goreng sajor? gosh~ and takde anugerah PM? its soo subjective. they could have choosen one kan~ tak pe..tak pe..yang penting leh confirm dah~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

cik zyrin TQ.. its a huge relief for all of us.. at last! Long last...

wan sentap aku.. ada plak yg bdk batch kita tak berperasaan pasal ni.. takpe la, nak wat mcm mana... yg penting, life must go on..