Sunday, March 1, 2009

GS Family Day 2009

Yeehaaa...! 3 words could explain the whole 2 (1 actually) days in PD.. Tiring, fun and definitely awesome..! We had a family day celebration for our Unit in PD the other weekend.. Office mates get to bring their family and mix with each other with games and programs in stored for us.. Hats off to CC Samsiah and her line of excos for doing such a wonderful job. The whole program really was fun and fulfilling.. At least for us.. Yeah! The whole idea is to spend time among office mates and getting to know each other's family members as well..

I took off from KL at around 5pm coz need to run some errands before leaving the metro.. I had to fetch my No 1 suit for our big event on Tuesday, then had to buy food for the little one so he wun get hungry over in PD, then take care of the trophy for bowling which was totally screwed up..!

The day started up with a really nice BBQ dinner.. We had prize giving ceremony, secret santa, karaoke session (will elaborate later) and musical chair which was won by Elliz! Yeyy!! Way to go dear! hehe she defeated Kak Ida in the last round of the game.. As u can see in the pict, johan sekolah was also defeated and Bulat was excited by the win (by the look in her face!) hehehe.. in the karaoke session, i guess people got warmed up kinda late.. So that gave way to the host to sing and show off his talent, which was not much compare to the rest of us..! haha he kinda took charge of the mike, luckily KE was fast enuf to rescue all of us.. TQ KE!!

The next day, we had to rondez vous at 730am.. I kinda woke up late so had the feeling that everyone was oredi ready but nope! I was the 1st to get down.. We had bfast, photo session and telematch on the beach..! It was hot but funtastic!! Outa 4 games, my group won 2! I think it was coconut bowl and rubber band in flour.. Aju and hubby, Kak Ida and kids along with Elliz took charge of the team to victory..! Great one guys! It was all fun and sun.. Didn't have the chance to play with the water though, coz of the time limitation.. And was totally tired... We went straight home at around noon (check out time) and all of us hit the shack as soon as we reached home..

So, kinda have plans for next year event.. lets wait and see if things wud go as plan.. On the whole, the program was great.. Again, CC and her exco did a hell of a job in making it work.. Thank you for all ur time and effort and thank you for everyone who led the organizing and guests that made the day a great one...! Nice knowing u guys!

p/s: Other photos coming up soon...

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